1. Access to the Port for articulated lorries is regulated by specific timetables: the obsvervance of these timetables is an essential condition for the lorries traffic management. Aforementioned access is permitted only after completing the Check-in at the Maritime Ticket Office located in Einaudi Street (Ancona’s Port industrial area). DOWNLOAD THE "WELCOME TO ANCONA"APP

2. The main service areas and secondary parking areas are indicated by the DORICA PORT SERVICES staff; always consult the notice boards with the ferries arrivals/departures timetables before parking and ask for information the “DPS” passengers assistants.

3. After disembarkement, in case of stop, you should to use the equipped areas outside the Historical port; only non-european articulated lorries, can stay in specific stop areas inside the Historical port in order to complete custom procedures, indicated by our staff and/or security guards.

4. During the summer period port entrance timetables might undergo small changes due to the simultaneous increase in the number of cars prepared for embarkement; therefore please follow the indications given by our staff and by the security staff at the port access crossing.

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